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As a professional archery school, we like to use the best equipment to give reliable instruction to our clients. Below is a list of the suppliers that we believe provide good-quality archery equipment.


  • Quicks Archery has a good range of arrows and targets.

  • Merlin Archery also lists good supplies for keen archers.

  • Steve Ralphs is a supplier in great demand for some of the best historic bows in England. Some of his work has been featured on TV, such as Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and Game of Thrones.

  • Carol Archery is known for its high-standard arrows. Carol is one of the best fletchers in the country.

  • Chris Boyton creates and builds excellent high-performance longbows for archers.


Heathcliff Heroics has been employed by established bodies, such as English Heritage, Royal Palaces, the National Trust and the National Park in Wales. We are noted for our high standard of archery instruction and for our events' logistics. Our team has worked on a variety of films and television programmes, such as Warner Brothers.


Our gallery demonstrates the wide variety of events we organise. We are able to give our clients a show which is site-specific and which serves to enhance the visitors' experience.


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