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About Heathcliff Heroics...

Heathcliff Heroics is known for the presentation and teaching of historic forms of archery within a safe, controlled and exciting environment.

Our qualified instructors are able to educate  the public on  how our ancestors harnessed the power of the traditional English Longbow, and how they experienced the sheer pleasure of  "shooting in the bow".

From beginners to club archers, we have both the right instructors and the equipment to aid you in improving your technique. We specialise in traditional, rather than modern, techniques of archery. We believe that the knowledge from the past is  still  relevant  today.

HH Have-a-Go Archery sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual. This serves to enhance and promote the quality of the whole experience. It is why we insist on one-to-one teaching.


We have an all-year-round school at Hever Castle in Kent. Visitors are always welcome, whatever their level of ability. We also organise private and corporate groups to come and shoot with us. For those companies or individuals who wish to engage our services, we can travel anywhere in the UK. We have had the pleasure of instructing, not only the public, but also professional actors and supporting artists. Should you require individual or group instruction, we can provide all the services that you may require.

Heath Pye
Company Director

As an old Juddian, our founder  is interested not only in the study of archery through the ages, but in the techniques required to achieve the highest standards in archery. He was fortunate  enough to win the title of National Roving Marks Longbow Champion for several seasons. For many years he was the Robin Hood in the annual Robin Hood Festival in Sherwood Forest. During this time, he developed his skills in sword and quarterstaff fighting, horse riding, storytelling, and marksmanship.

Hannah van Wyk

With 10 years of experience working side by side with Heath Pye, she has successful starred and co-ordinated in the growth of the company.

Robyn Pye

Marketing and Soical Media

Robyn has grown up in and around the industry since childhood. She heads our marketing and web-design team.

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